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3 sims :D

 It's Been a while since my last post. I want to share with you 3 sims: Adam, Logan and Angelina. Hope you like them ! These sims was for a gift in a forum time a go... Enjoy


His name is Seth :)


Espero que les guste este sim tanto como a mí :)


Her name es is Tanya, she is a special sim to me :)

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Muchos sims! ;D

All my sims have cc included, hope you like them.. And remember if you gonna use them in something, give me credits :D



Seguiré mi historia "Ámbar" exclusivamente en el foro Mybsims ;) Asi que si quieren leer, deben registrarse en el foro: http://www.mybsims.net/



Hi ! Ishare with you a new sim, his name is Zach... Hope you like him :D

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Prólogo: "Esta soy yo"

Prólogo: "Esta soy yo"

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Coming Soon (próximamente...)

Soon publish a story here, fortunately or unfortunately this will be in Spanish, my native language.